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We are Family

One of the many unique elements that makes Ghyll Barn so special, is the people that work here. The team relationship is quite unique – they are either family members, have known each other for years or they live locally.

Many of our team have grown up together, attending the same school, or living with three miles of the Barn. This close working relationship means the team are like well oiled machine when it comes to the events they work, each knowing the others strengths. A team made up of family and friends means each is very much invested in the success of events held at the barn.

This respect and trust between our team members is what guests experience when they book an event here. It might sound corny, but it is true Ghyll Barn is one big, extended family supported by a wonderful local community

Want to meet the Team?

Chris - The Boss (also see Nettle the dog, the REAL boss)

The concept for Ghyll Barn began over four years ago. After a family wedding was held in the barn, Chris had a vision of how the barn could work as an eco-wedding & events business. This vision was to create a unique events venue, one that didn’t literally cost the earth but one built by hand using as many eco/sustainable/salvaged materials and design practises as possibly. The personal challenge to build, open and be successfully running beautiful weddings and events by he time he was 40 years old has been achieved as Chris celebrates this special birthday in March 2024.

Chris has worked all over the Lake District, Eden Valley, and county of Cumbria for years as an expert craftsman restoring old buildings, helping to save and preserve history. Salvaging historical materials to reuse and re-purpose is a passion that has been a huge inspiration for the design of Ghyll Barn. When you know that Chris’s late Grandfather was a builder, his dad can fettle something out of nothing and his Mum worked as an Antique Dealer, it is not hard to see how this inspired him, it’s in his blood. In fact, the newly restored L’all Barn, which is now available, was once his Grandad’s hay loft then latterly his Mum’s antique shop.

Chris’s Mum Barbara used to take him to auctions when he was a teenager, inspiring his love of the old, pieces with character and patina. From Mother to Son, the eye for seeking the unique and unusual has been passed down from one generation to another. Barbara now works in the business too, a real people person she can often be found welcoming guests and suppliers.

Chris’s vision has been realised by more than just his personal financial investment into keeping a property in his family, Ghyll Barn has been built, not gifted or inherited.

Chris has built Ghyll Barn with his bare hands with help from the hands of friends. There is a whole community supporting the vision to create something so unique.

Lean on me

The Lean on Me Bar Co is an independent business that operates the bar at Ghyll Barn, taking care of all the liquid refreshments for each of our events. Like everything else at Ghyll Barn it’s a family affair.

Mike & Lisa

Chris’s father Mike and partner Lisa run Lean on Me. Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge from the pub trade, with over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry. Currently Lisa also manages over 14+ bars & pubs across Lancashire.

With the experience, knowledge, and contacts, Lean on Me proudly stocks and supports many local and small drinks brands. You can of course find all your national and international favourite tipples too.

Great bar tenders are crucial to help set the mood for events. Supporting Mike & Lisa are a team of three. You will find an experienced and cheerful trio behind the bar at our events, say hello to Kerry, Liz & Ben.


Nettle is the real boss at Ghyll Barn. She accompanies Chris on viewings, is always on site and can often be found overseeing the team at work. And if she really likes you may also find her snoozing at your feet.

The team behind the team

It takes a community of helpers to keep Ghyll Barn looking fantastic. We couldn’t talk about the team here without a huge shout of the amazing team behind the team who make sure Ghyll Barn looks spotless for each special occasion we are part of. These are team members you won’t see during an event at the Barn, but without them we wouldn’t look so pretty.

Chris’s brother Steven is often here to lend a hand, and the use of his tractor. Steven’s daughter, Isabelle also loves to muck in with the family and is quiet the expert at folding napkins and laying tables.

Bert has been friends with Chris for 35 years, making friends at school. Bert maintains the hedgerows around the property, he prunes the tress and very importantly he oversees the lawns, keeping them freshly mowed for each event.

Sorrell, (who went to school with Chris) is our gardener. She makes sure our gardens and planters are always looking perfect and our blooms are beautiful. She can be found tending the garden right up to the moment before guest arrive so that everything is perfectly presented.

And a special mentioned for Hannah, although she is currently off travelling around Australia, she is still a valued member of the Ghyll Barn family. Hopefully, she will bring some southern hemisphere sunshine with her when she returns.

Ghyll Barn is truly a unique place, but you really must see it in person to experience this special vibe. To book a viewing for your Wedding or event just us a message here CONTACT US

Eco heart & soul

The very concept of Ghyll Barn was born from a love of creating something new from something old. The bones of the barn were created for a family event in 2018 but much of the barn you find today was handcrafted during lockdown. This was of course a time when supplies were limited and the necessity for inventive design was crucial. Supplies may have been limited but this was a period when there was time to develop creative building ideas.
Owner Christopher is something of a salvage hunter. It is his unique style of repurposing preloved treasures and saving materials that gives this rural wedding barn its heart and soul. From the very beginning, in every detail, the barn has been built putting eco and sustainable solutions at the forefront of all design choices.

Sustainable Energy

From the start Ghyll Barn set a goal to source as much power as possible from renewable energy. At the time of construction, the barn was insulated well to help prevent heat loss and help to lower energy consumption for the future.
Currently the barn has thirty-six solar panels soaking up the glorious Eden Valley sunshine. This provides a 10kw system which powers the barn throughout the day. Keen to maximise energy produced, there are solar batteries ready to be installed in 2024. These new batteries are vital to preserve energy captured during the day to power the barn through the evenings. Being able to offer eco-conscious couples a wedding that is powered by renewable energy is an especially important milestone to the Ghyll Barn team.


With over seventy acres of land to manage, nurturing a biodiverse landscape and being ever mindful to create a welcoming habitat that supports local wildlife is one-way Ghyll Barn helps pay it forward for future generations. For Christopher and his team at Ghyll Barn, being the current custodian of this land means conservation work is an ongoing and ever evolving process. Some of the initiatives in place so far are:


250 native trees have already been planted around the barn, but it does not stop there. Every wedding that has taken place (and will take place in the future) at Ghyll Barn is a truly special moment. To mark these special moments for prosperity, Christopher is planting a tree for each wedding to commemorate all the love that has united couples here on the farm. The creation of the “love wood” will begin in December 2023 with oak saplings ready to be planted as soon as the first snow and frosts have cleared. Each year new saplings will be planted to celebrate all the weddings that have taken place at Ghyll Barn.


Creating and preserving traditional hedgerows has been quite the task with over seven thousand hedge species planted so far. Native shrubs like such as Maple, Guelder Rose, Quickthorns and Dog Rose have been planted.
Preserving traditional hedge planting techniques is crucial for the wildlife residents of the countryside. Not only do these hedges provide them with food and shelter but they also help species travel across the landscape at a time when habitat connectivity is crucial to support biodiversity. When habitats are connected, species can move freely meaning they are less likely to become isolated or see their numbers decline.


The pond was real a labour of love, it took three days just to excavate the soil! Ghyll Barn worked with the Eden Rivers Trust on this project, their long-term goal being to encourage as much wildlife as possible to this land.
With a careful choice of planting and landscaping, the pond is now really becoming a micro haven for wildlife with sighting of dragonflies and a pair of Shelducks. As each year passes, the pond and its surrounding landscape will become more established attracting an increasing variety of wildlife to it.

Herdwick Sheep

Helping to maintain the land naturally are Ghyll Barns flock of 11 Herdwick sheep. As well as being wonderful lawn mowers, sheep can help improve the overall quality of soil. Even a small flock can help support biodiversity by providing over one-third of the organic matter required to make the soil healthy, providing rich vital nutrients that can support crop & vegetation growth. Herdwick are a Cumbrian icon, but we all know the real reason for choosing this breed is that everyone loves a cute Herdy.


Reuse, repurpose, recycle

If there is any architectural salvage on offer within a 20-mile radius you can guarantee that most of it has found a place at Ghyll Barn. Authentic, rustic (and local) materials with real age and patina (no Disney does rustic vibes here thank you) go to support the whole ethos behind this family business – reuse, repurpose, recycle.

It does however take a very keen eye to put together a mismatch of materials in a way that looks beautiful, effortless, and still create a stunning backdrop. The authenticity of these honest materials is a true reflection of the passion that owner Christopher has for salvage and sustainability, which he brings to every aspect of the barn, like the parquet floor bar top (below)

Coming in 2024 a new project with an old bothy. The bothy has been reimagined as a rustic, mobile kitchen. Scratch made from materials salvaged from a local winery and reclaimed tin sheets, this mobile cook spot will feature a pizza oven and burners. And the best bit it can be wheeled to any spot on the farm.

For every detail at Ghyll Barn, the team seek a sustainable solution, for example all menus are printed on recycled paper and for festive parties’ single use crackers are replaced with handwritten jokes tied to the back of each guest chairs.
Eco-conscious couples will often donate decorative pieces they have bought especially for their big day, meaning there is a growing collection of styling items that can be reused for another day. Helping reduce or repurpose items bought solely for use on a single day certainly helps towards lowering all our carbon footprints and unnecessary items reaching landfill.

Making conscious efforts to minimise their impact is Ghyll Barns vibe – is it yours?
See for yourself, come and experience the unique feeling of the barn. To book a viewing of Ghyll Barn just click CONTACT US

Photo Credits: Ghyll Barn, Bridgette Ibbotson Photography.

Ghyll Barn – Perfect Partners

Planning a wedding takes a team of dedicated individuals, all of whom work seamlessly together behind the scenes to orchestrate your perfect day. We understand that elements like food, flowers and photographers are some of the biggest decisions you will make for your day. That’s why, here at Ghyll Barn we can share our network of top-class local professionals, each master of their service and purveyors of those finer details that make your day into one to remember.

When you book your wedding at Ghyll Barn you join our tribe, a tribe that understands the importance of sourcing locally, creating the most beautiful details for your day while limiting any environmental impact. We are proud to work with an incredibly talented group of suppliers, all based within thirty miles of our farm. You do of course have the freedom to choose any supplier you wish, but if you need recommendations and inspiration, we have trusted local suppliers we would love to introduce you to. We proudly celebrate their immense talent and professionalism.


Your choice of caterer will feel at home at Ghyll Barn, with our prep kitchen which has been designed with professional caterers in mind. The Eden Valley is rich with catering talent, look at some of our favourite local and trusted professionals below:

Lakeland Grazing
Lakeland Grazing bring our guests the combined expertise of chefs and event planners. They source the freshest ingredients and produce from the very best local, Cumbrian suppliers. They specialise in grazing feasts and street food menus which give your event that relaxed vibe.

Fells & Dales Catering
With two farms based in the Eden Valley, Fells & Dales Catering is tun by Maria Buckle and Hilary Fawcett, two Cumbrian Hill Farmers’ wives. With a passion for local food and years of experience they supply much of their own farms produce to their catering business. They offer a truly local “farm to fork” experience. Their farms are part of the Environmental Stewardship Scheme too which means they help preserve the local wildlife as well as honouring traditional farming techniques.

Applegarth Foods
Based in the Cumbrian village of Great Strickland near Penrith, Applegarth Foods was established in 2006. Owner Kathleen Twentyman blends family favourite recipes with her own Cumbrian twist.
With a long-held reputation for quality, Applegarth uses the highest quality local ingredients sourced from the best Cumbrian producers in the heart of the Eden Valley.

Wren Cake Design
The centre of any wedding day is the cake. Cumbrian based, Wren Cake design create showstopper cakes with drama and artistic touches that will truly wow your guests.


Based in Cumbria, The Fellside Flowers Company is a family run business growing seasonal flowers, wildflowers, and foliage. Committed to supporting and promoting British grown flowers, grown with care for the environment. The Greenshaw family grow their beautiful flowers from a neighbouring farm in Long Marton with 4 acres of growing space. Located close to Ghyll Barn this is about as local as it gets.

Based in Penrith, Wild Ivy’s signature style is wild yet elegant. Blending seasonal blooms, with wild and natural vibes Wild Ivy floral creations are elegant florals works of art.
Owner Sarah and her team love to work with the best seasonal flower and foliage, especially locally grown and British, to create floral arrangements which are full of colour and scent.

Owner Jessica blends her expertise as a wedding and events planner with floral design and styling. Training at the Tallulah Rose Flower School, Jessica employs sustainable floristry techniques and natural design when designing, creating, and styling for her clients.

Appleby Flower Basket

Local florists Appleby Flower Basket are based in the nearby historic town of Appleby -in- Westmorland which is just a few miles away. The team here create stunning l floral bouquets which have feature in Weddings here at Ghyll Barn.


Bridgette is not only a talented photographer but also a creative and styling genius who has been with Ghyll Barn since we began our journey. Based in Cumbria, Bridgette has been creative director on many of our shoots and always captures the most magical of moments.

Nearby neighbours from the North East Camilla Lucinda Photography and Rachel Frazer Photography have both beautifully captured special days here at Ghyll Barn.

Those details that make your day extra special…

Juliet Golding Celebrant
Based in the Eden Valley, Juliet really is a local celebrant. Juliet crafts personal, bespoke ceremonies and never fails to bring laughter and joy to each event.

Based close by in Kirby Lonsdale, Lune Valley crockery can help you create stunning tablescapes to wow your guests. Available to hire are French linen napkins, crisp crockery and gleaming cutlery and glasses, styling your tables to perfection.

Based just down the road in Appleby, Fabulous Fox Events bring the fun with them. Hire bell tents for a festival vibe or treat your guests to some extra special garden games – with great ideas for entertaining little ones too.

We are proud to have some of the finest suppliers right here in Cumbria. We have also worked with some fabulous suppliers based further afield from Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Northumberland. To see the full range of our recommended suppliers head of to the planning page for all the details or checkout the suppliers highlight on our Instagram feed.
And of course, if you wish to have a chat about suppliers who can help craft your day please just come and see us, nothing beats a good natter over a cuppa. Come feel the Ghyll Barn vibe for yourself. Book a viewing HERE

Image Credits: Ghyll Barn, Bridgette Ibbotson

Ghyll Barn – Handmade with love

A timber eco wedding barn with a stone wall and trees in Eden Valley, Cumbria

Nestled in the peaceful rural landscape of the Eden Valley, close to the edge of the Lake District, Ghyll Barn is an utterly unique wedding & events venue that has been handmade with love. Set in seventy acres, this soulful space is rich in texture and heritage, with a building that connects you to local history and the natural landscape beyond, creating a deeply grounded sense of place.
Born out of love, Ghyll Barn was originally created for a family wedding in 2018. Now a distinctive and exclusive licensed venue for all of life’s special moments, a place to create lifelong memories to treasure, that does not (literally) cost the earth to do so.

An autumn wedding table with plates and candles, orange and blue styling

Heritage & Location

Park House was originally built in the 1800’s, once a working farm it has been home to the Morphet family since the 1940’s. Third generation owner Christopher is the new family custodian, he brings fresh energy and a passion for creating a unique and sustainable space. This is a place that saves and respects local history.
Secluded yet not remote, Ghyll Barn offers tranquility and convenience. Only 20 minutes from Penrith, it nestles between the villages of Long Marton and Dufton. With a view toward the Settle to Carlisle viaduct, the barn is in a picture postcard spot. It is conveniently located between the Lake District National Park and North Pennines AONB. With the pretty market town of Appleby close by. This terrific location is perfect for guests, offering lots of choice for local accommodation.

Bride & Groom at outdoor alter exchanging vows

A Family Affair

Christopher runs Ghyll Barn alongside members of his extended family which includes his Mum (an Ex-Antique Dealer) who has helped source some of the unique items found in the barn – including the two sets of incredible doors (believed to be Moroccan) which were sourced over two decades ago and have been just waiting for the perfect project.
Christopher’s Dad Mike and partner Lisa own the Lean on Me Bar Company, they take care of all the bar services, proudly stocking many local brands alongside national and international favourites. With over 25 years’ experience running pubs across fourteen sites, Lisa can expertly guide guests and create a memorable bar experience for any event.
Christopher’s brother and niece also work alongside him making Ghyll Barn truly a family affair.

A room with a wooden wall and shelves

Handmade with love

Almost everything at Ghyll Barn is handmade by Christopher, this is what makes the barn so unique and special. Christopher’s creative hand is evident on every surface and in every detail of the specially curated mix of natural materials. Wherever possible, building materials have been reclaimed and repurposed, saving architectural salvage from local properties (from going to landfill) to honor and preserve local history. Salvaged materials bring a layer of patina, age and character which cannot be authentically replicated using new materials. Each layer of texture and each piece of salvage helps create Ghyll Barns’ unique soul.
The large arched mirror was once a window in a threshing barn. Made from cast metal, it has been re-glazed with mirrors and now makes such an impact as a wall feature in the barn.

arched barn window architectural salvage
Arched metal window framed restored and reglazed with mirror
Arched window mirror wall feature wedding barn cumbria

Flagstones outside the barn entrance were salvaged from the local train station when they were upgrading the platform. Even these flagstones are meaningful, this is the same train station Christopher’s great grandfather once worked as the stationmaster. He must have walked across these flagstones thousands of times. You can still see the “mind the step” warning.
The decorative copper is from an old church where the gutters had failed, so they were beaten flat and used as cladding. The back of the bar is made from wood reclaimed from Christopher’s old school, using chemistry lab tables and drawers from Appleby Grammar.

A bar made from salvaged materials, glasses bottles of wine

The pigeonholes came from a post office sorting room, while the lights have been fashioned from old cow water feeders turned upside down. There are so many inventive design touches all around Ghyll Barn that means you will not find anywhere else quite like it. The Barn is most definitely one of a kind.

Eco & Sustainable

At the very heart of Ghyll Barn’s ethos and operations is a desire to minimise impact on the environment. The barns are powered by renewable solar energy, inside and outside spaces are designed and built using as many natural materials as possible. Coupled with a deep-rooted passion to build sustainably means many pieces of local history have too been saved, preserved, and given a new lease of life.

Ghyll Barn pond

Within the grounds of the Barn, a pond has been created to help support and encourage biodiversity. The pond, built in conjunction with Eden Rivers Trust, took three days to excavate and has been planted with numerous wildflowers and grasses. In addition, two hundred and fifty native trees & over seven thousand native hedge row plants, including Maple, Quickthorns, Guelder Rose, Dog Rose have been planted across the site.

Preloved Rustic Romance

A cake with flowers on top of it, background corrugated metal sheet wall cladding

Inspired by the local agricultural architecture as well as travels across South East Asia and Australia, Christoper has created a unique blend of reclaimed and treasured materials. Choosing materials which show their age and evidence of a previous life is partly what gives Ghyll Barn such a special feeling and a tangible sense of history.
With walls of mismatched wooden doors, tin roof panels and reclaimed parquet floor there is texture and interest everywhere you look. All these layers of preloved, vintage, and salvaged patina create an authentic rustic backdrop to weddings and events.

Bride & Groom standing next to a piano, wall behind clad in reclaimed salvaged doors

There is a special romance to preloved pieces and aged materials, so if you think the pictures look good, then just wait until you experience the feeling of being here in person, there is nowhere else quite like it for a truly authentic rustic vibe.

See for yourself.

To fully appreciate the true essence of Ghyll Barn, and immerse yourself in this feeling, book a viewing at email and we will be happy to share this special place with you.

Image Credits: Ghyll Barn and Bridgette Ibbotson Photography

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